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Singer Laima Vaikule was not allowed to attend the funeral of Joseph Kobzon. Earlier, the singer's concert director said she was in the UK and did not return until September 4 to take part in the "New Wave" Festival in Sochi. Vaikule, however, interrupted the journey and came to say goodbye to Kobzon.

"I stopped all business, canceled plans and still came to Moscow," she told Dni.Ru. "I could not help but because I respected this man enormously." But the atmosphere is terrible – what else could be at the funeral, "Vaikule told me.

Vaikule and Kobzon were well known and even acted together, the singer was on the creative evenings of her colleagues & # 39; s and Kobzon & # 39; s birthdays

The farewell ceremony with Kobzon was held in Moscow, in the Tchaikovsky concert hall. Thousands of ordinary citizens came here. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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