In the US, a famous Hollywood actress

In the US, a famous Hollywood actressThe star was ill with lung cancer.

In the US, the famous actress Barbara Harris died.

This has been reported by Chronicle.Info with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

It is known that Barbara Harris was 83 years old and recently she was very ill and she was in a hospice in Arizona. The doctors diagnosed her with lung cancer.

Barbara Harris was born in Chicago on July 25, 1935. His career started as a teenager. In the sixties she was a Broadway star. There she met her husband, director Paul Sills.

She made her debut on Broadway in 1961. Her first roles brought the artist nomination for "Tony", and in 1967 Barbara Harris received the award for her role in the musical "Apple Tree".

In 1965 the actress began to play in films. For his work in the film, Harris was nominated three times for the Golden Globe nomination.

The best known of her works were films as "A Thousand Clowns", "Nashville", "Family Plot", "Freaky Friday", "& # 39;" 39; Who is Harry Kellerman and why does he say horrible things about me? & # 39 ;, & # 39; Peggy Sue Married & # 39; "Scammers" and a black comedy "Murder at Gross-Point."

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After 1997, Barbara Harris stopped filming and began teaching in acting. In one of the interviews she said she was only willing to go back to the theater or the cinema if she was offered something fantastic for $ 10 million.

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