"Komsomolskaya Pravda" was the first to learn from Kobzon about his illness

He had the first operation in April. About Kashirka. I call the People & # 39; s Artist: "How is your health, Joseph Davydovich?" Rumors have already changed. It is Onkotsentr … " Kobzon promised: once the opportunity is offered, the first big frank conversation with the Komsomolskaya Pravda will be. And he kept his word.


A few days later, the assistant's call. I remember, it was Friday. "Joseph Davydovich is waiting for Sunday." In Onkotsentre? No, in the dacha. Was he fired? Like that. On the contrary, I ran away …

On Sunday I hurry to the Moscow region in Bakovka. Once there was a summer residence of Marshal of armored troops of Paul Rybalko. Kobzon bought it from the heirs of twice Hero of the Soviet Union and then rebuilt everything. The Marshal himself (now looking at his biography) died on August 28, 1948. Seventy years later almost every day the new owner of the datacha died. H-Yes …

To buy this dacha, more accurately, Kobzon had to borrow money from the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky, the composer Oscar Feltsman, other friends. Has paid off debts quickly. "I have worked more than others The USSRPeople artist of the Soviet Union spoke without a hint of coquetry. – I gave 2-3 solo concerts a day. "It was no coincidence that the expression" It is easier to stop the running bison than the singing Kobzon! "Was born Important: he always sang" live ", without" multiplex "! As a substitute Duma, tried to ban this fateful "triplex" lawfully, so that the artists did not mislead the public who paid the tickets. Could not …

Let's go back to that Sunday of April.

In memory of Joseph Kobzon.There was no folk artist – Joseph Kobzon …

… Kobzon met at the gate, first and foremost led to show their belongings. "This is the home of Andrei's son, a daughter of Natasha lives in this house, and here we are at Nelia."

We looked at the conservatory, vegetable garden, flower beds. "Some say, they say, I would give a dacha Kobzon! Lord, I know a lot of people who have opportunities in which more than me. But they do not like nature, they do not grow beds. "

Bunnies flew in the pen, gongs giggled happily in the barn, cackling chickens… "Let the granddaughters become attached to the living nature, I am glad that they are raised together on this shipyard, on decorating the tree of the new year, for family holidays." What a joy when these "monkeys" crawling along our shoulders, singing songs, reading poetry, returning from the hospital – and posters with scribbles on the doorway: "Grandpa, come back soon!" This is the best medicine. "

It was windy. Nelya Mikhailovna approached, threw her sweater on her shoulders: "You only come from the hospital …"

We entered the house. Along the wall are rows of beer mugs. He loved beer as a young man. On the other wall is another collection. Old guns. It is true that Kobzon himself had never been on the hunt. Basically. In the neighborhood – a collection of cold steel. How many heads have these sharp shooters gone, sabersGod knows it alone. They found peace in the singer's house.

– Where do we start the interview? – asked the owner, playing with Clim's sword Voroshilov with the Order of the Red Flag of War on the hilt. The disk is not easy. Honorary revolutionary weapon. For heroic deeds in the civil war they were crowned with 21 red commanders.

"From what I already asked on the phone the other day." How is your health, Joseph Davydovich?

"It was a malignant tumor," he admitted. – It was completely removed. No traces have been left, the doctors say. So I live and hopefully I will be healthy, which I wish everyone. In general, I rarely get sick. In his youth he laid a good foundation for health. But if something happens, then seriously! There was a sepsis three years ago. Doctors returned only five per cent of the return to life. He got out. Now I am faced with a new accident.

"How did this happen?"

– There were symptoms that started to disturb. Blood in the urine. Doctors performed a study, found a large tumor. Malicious. Others in the bladder, I have been told, do not happen. An urgent operation was required.

… Nelya Mikhailovna brought coffee, mineral water: "Joseph, you must drink!" As if he accidentally looked into the ashtray. "I only smoked one," Kobzon assured her. "I will not do it again!"

Even a terrible disease for nearly 15 years could not oust the saddle of the People & # 39; s Artist of the USSR. Photo: family archive.

Even a terrible disease for nearly 15 years could not oust the saddle of the People & # 39; s Artist of the USSR.view: family archive.


"I went without hesitation to Onkotsentr on Kashirka," Kobzon continued the story when his wife left. "Together with Nelly." Not because a cowardly alarmist. She just needs to know everything. The last time there was a sepsis, she saved me. She and Yuri Mikhailovich meadows. Now the problem happened – Nelya was always around. And I was already used to open my eyes and see her first.

In such minutes you understand how important it is to have a reliable family. Not only in the days of illness. When the cool relationship with someone you find out, in the works something goes wrong, the intrigues are tortured … Well, I do not want to say that I was seen in a negligee, unshaven, undressed, discussed it. Even children can not interfere in my inner world without permission. Only Nelya, only Nelya can do it!

I can not say that he himself is a very careful man, affectionate, and every day says "Sweetheart …" But she knows very well what I am for she life gives.

We have family booms. Nelya – Pupa my whole life. And the whole family calls me the Pups. I am not insulted. Although sometimes povozmuschayus. Like, at home – okay, just call in public, why?

Pups were lucky with the puppet.

The first time he married in 1965. But popular than singer Veronica Kruglova. The marriage of creative people is often a rattling mixture. In addition, a long tour through the single in various cities and villages. They divorced three years later. Kruglova married the fashionable Soviet singer Vadim Mulermannow she lives in it United States.

In the same 67th, after the divorce, Kobzon married the famous actress, singer Lyudmila Gurchenko. They divorced in 1970. The following year – a wedding with Ninel Mikhailovna Drizinoy. He is 20, he is 34. Honeymoon couple decided to spend in the Baltic states. Nelya hoped for beaches, sun, peace … We arrived KaunasOn the platform, one of the meetings informs the newlyweds: "You have two concerts tonight!" Nelya was in shock. When he saw this, Kobzon joked: "Do three concerts!"

In contrast to the first two women, Nelia was in the shadow of her stellar husband. But she was a real guardian angel. He accompanied him on all tours, & # 39; night, prepared for Jose dinner at the hotel. Concerts usually ended closer to midnight when Soviet restaurants and cafes were already closed. She really saved her husband when he started getting blood poisoning. I have collected all medical authorities on my feet …

And all 14-plus years of struggle of the artist of the people with oncology remained close, supported as well as they could.

– We, the farmers, love at the table to talk about women, "Kobzon confided – Young – we share the Don Juan exploits, we get older – we talk more about the family, but I have a category of friends who have not had family happiness. quickly separated Everything, as in that song: "If the bride goes to another, it is not known who was lucky …" The bachelor himself manages his fate, there are no reasons for emotional explosions, but if it is bad. … you start to think, but what would my life have been like if Neli had not been There would be no Andryusha, Natasha, granddaughter, there would be no favorite eyes that look at you in difficult times.

There are married couples who are childless. Well, it did not work. Although the medicine has now got this far, a man can give birth if desired. And secondly, so many beautiful but disadvantaged children are waiting for caresses from the parents in orphanages! I have two sponsored children's homes in the Tula region. I do not go that often. Not because there is no time. Only with a broken heart every time I come back. When I see these guys, looking at the guests with hope, grabbing at the hands, looking into the eyes. And suddenly?

I think about how much attention people give to dogs! Walk every day from the early morning. And they walk for the night. Yes, walk better than a child! But if you find yourself in a difficult situation later, a dog will not sit by the bed, but a person who truly loves you. The dog will not carry the flowers to the grave. And the son or daughter, even if they are adopted, will not forget, they will say the secret words …

"Joseph Davydovich, how did you escape from the hospital without being healed?" I returned to the main topic of the interview.

– I did not run away. I have just asked the director of Onkotsentra Michael Ivanovich Davydovawhether it is possible to receive post-operative treatments at home, but also to do other things. He replied that it is possible in principle. And I went away.

I did not leave to rest in the dacha in Bakovka. As head of the Duma culture committee, Kobzon immediately joined the preparation of new accounts and lost money for our poor culture.

And after he had thrown the subject of a terrible physical illness, he told the journalist that he was ill at heart.

For 47 years the happy marriage between Joseph Davydovich and Neli Mikhailovna lasted. Photo: family archive.

For 47 years the happy marriage between Joseph Davydovich and Neli Mikhailovna lasted.view: family archive.


"We blame the Communist past, but there was the highest Soviet patriotism, we loved our motherland, the party asked us, the Young Communist League, and now there's no party or Komsomol, I mean the dominant political force that would wear and evoke patriotism.

We have only one annex left: our homeland, mother, father. All the rest to us on a fig. Because people are never hungry, the cold will not love the government. Do not let him love. The most important thing is to love the fatherland. Who interfered with communist subbotniks? But they cleaned the streets. To whom did the student studies interfere? After all, young people did not drink in the back streets and porches in the summer, did not expand, not parked in the parks beneath the banks … And the people were not afraid to go into the entrances at night, along electric trains. Summer was spent together in detachments, fell in love, married.

When I spoke to the President on this subject, Putin asked the question: "Would you like to return the Komsomol?" "Vladimir Vladimirovich, and I do not care what this organization will be called! Whatever you love, you name it, just create an organization that would save our youth today, this is our future." We've already been in difficult situations, every in different ways, but have already lived a life, lived in the Soviet state, and in the post-Soviet Stalin. Khrushchev. Brezhnev. We live with you. We know the price of life. Young people are sorry. Russian Federation can not live without.

… More than once, Nelya Mihailovna looked into the office, pointed to her watch, reminded me that my friends were coming to me, and Kobzon waved me away and talked all the time, talking about pain.

Exactly three weeks ago, the doctors called him a diagnosis, which for many sounded like a death sentence: CANCER. Others would then become isolated, only live with the disease, and that they have problems with the country, the youth … And he escaped from the Oncocentre with the scars that did not heal after the operation and immediately went to work.

April 30, 2004 in the weekly magazine "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a great interview with Kobzon "From the clutches of death I pulled my wife!"


The cover of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from 2004.

Why did he openly tell the whole country about his diagnosis? For other representatives of the stage, every mention of the name in the press, except for the obituary, has been a wonderful PR for a long time. Let's talk more about divorce, betrayal, novels, "star" illnesses to keep your head above water. From here sometimes contractual false scandals of the press and artists. They are timed to tour, sell new albums. But this is not about Kobzon. Especially the purpose of the interview was not for him to raise money for treatment. Kobzon himself has helped many until the last days. In many ways. Do not advertise your good cause.

Perhaps one of the reasons for his sincerity is the desire to chase away all kinds of rumors about ailment, to tell everything honestly. But the most important thing was that, as I understand now, he wanted to take away the mystical fear of a treacherous illness from others. The expression "Kashirka"Sometimes it sounds like a sentence, where the Cancer Center is named after an academic Blokhin. He was often called the Blokhinwald. Say, come here – tickle! Kobzon, I think, went consciously to the frankness so that other patients, their relatives, friends knew: this diagnosis is not the end, we have to live, fight. In one way or another it was not accepted to advertise such a disease. For more than 14 years after the diagnosis and the first operation, Joseph Davydovich, bravely fighting with the accursed disease, lived. This is a long time. Usually five years is considered the limit.

Why did he choose & # 39; Komsomolskaya Pravda & # 39; for the interview? I have no questions. It was his favorite newspaper, without fools. Since the Soviet time. When in the editorial on 9 May they organized the famous "Dugout". Journalists – first-line soldiers, guests – veterans gathered in the Blauwe Zaal. They cut thick, black bread, poured from the flasks of the soldiers in front "hundred grams", remembered the war, sang. Kobzon also came to our "Dugout", performed frontline songs and new about that war, including the moving "cranes" …

When the radio Komsomolskaya Pravda appeared, Kobzon during the day of the Victory organized concerts of frontline songs in the air for radio listeners, although he was already ill and how many concerts he gave at the all-union shock-Komsomol construction sites with the Komsomolskaya Pravda propaganda -team! I now read reactions to the death of the artist. General Vladimir Vorozhtcov writes: "The SUPERPOX goes away, who can sing for free from 7 pm to 2 am on the day of the Komsomol, and the hall did not go away!"

After a coup Kiev in 2014, Iosif Davidovich together with our journalist Sasha Gamow more than once went to his native country Donbass. He spoke for militias, residents of the republics, who did not want to accept the Kiev regime. I was not afraid of sanctions Westnot like our "stars" and "stars".


… I remember the ashtray with a cigarette butt in Kobzon's house, Nelya Mikhailovna's reproach, coffee. There is a medical version that a mixture of nicotine with caffeine that has been consumed for years can cause a malignant tumor of the bladder, which it was removed in the spring of 2004. Joseph Davydovich himself believed that an oncology could cause a dose of radiation that he received in Chernobyl. He was the first artist to go to the liquidators of that terrible nuclear disaster with concerts.

Iosif Kobzon at the liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, July 1986. PHOTO & # 39; S Vladimir Repik / TACC

Iosif Kobzon at the liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, July 1986. PHOTO & # 39; S Vladimir Repik / TACC

The shifts changed every four hours, Kobzon sang for each. In the epicenter of events. Without a primitive way of protection – gauze bandages.

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station took place in April 1986. Exactly 18 years later the oncology was diagnosed with the singer. Cancer, as we know, develops for a long time unnoticeably in the body. When he heard the diagnosis, he asked the doctors if it was the result of Chernobyl. "It is difficult to say, it can be for a child, for an adult, for everyone and for whatever reason," the doctors said. "It is possible that this is a Chernobyl signature."

He could not go to Chernobyl for the liquidators. Not gone there after the disaster Gorbachev. Has sent to calm people Ligacheva. Ryzhkov. But is behind the backs of others – not in the rules of Kobzon. He always strived to be at the forefront, with his songs to help people. Especially in a difficult time. In 1969, the first of the artists went to the border guards on the island of Damansky, where an armed incident with the Chinese took place. And in 10 years the Afghan war broke out.

"When did the Afghanistan, Kobzon is the first of singers began to go to war to support our boys who came into this awful mincer, "wrote Vladimir Snegirev, who then worked as a military journalist at Komsomolskaya Pravda, on Facebook.-And I remember the eyes and faces of the soldiers who listened on the dusty dressing tables, and it happened that under the explosions of missiles, the songs – "And in our garden", "By the morning morning", "Victory Day", well, etc. I know this may be for these guys the most important memory of their entire lives has remained.

Kobzon sang in Australia, Asia, America, Africa, Europe ... 1982. After the concert in Angola. Photo: family archive.

Kobzon sang in Australia, Asia, America, Africa, Europe … 1982. After the concert in Angola.view: family archive.

When in 1986, at the same place in Afghanistan, our common friend Ruslan was seriously injured Aushev, Kobzon left without delay Kabul. It was on the eve of his wedding anniversary. And he said to Nele, his wife, "Let's fly together, we'll mark it there." Directly from Kabul airport they came to the hospital. And the fact that Ruslan survived, recovered, returned to the system is also largely due to Joseph. & # 39;

The People & # 39; s Artist of the USSR has many other merits.

Eternal memory of you, Joseph Davydovich!


Favorite women of Joseph Kobzon

People & # 39; s Artist of the USSR was married three times and how often he fell in love – and he does not count

No one doubts that Joseph Kobzon is an exemplary family man. At the premiere, during a banquet or other social event, he always appeared with the beautiful wife Nelei Kobzon. With this he lived happily for almost half a century. Nelya gave him heirs – a son and a daughter, and who, when the time came, gave birth to his ten grandchildren. "The only person the grandfather is afraid of is Grandma Nelya," one of the younger Kobzons confessed in an interview. But this recognition is more of a family bike. His Nelos Joseph Davidovich worshiped and carried in his arms. That is why it is so hard to believe that Kobzon was married twice before meeting the most important woman of her life. (Details)

"Nelya made me:" Get up! ": How Kobzon struggled with oncology for fifteen years

The singer was treated in the Moscow oncology center for cancer and transferred one courageous operation after another

Сам Иосиф Кобзон так рассказывал обозревателю «Комсомолки» Александру Гамову об истории своей болезни (это опубликовано в книге «Как прекрасно все что с нами было …"):

"You know, when I first heard the diagnosis – believe it or not – I had no hysteria or fear, I was just very excited about how I would tell my wife, Nele, I was very afraid of her reaction. was afraid to upset her, but she understands everything, she reads my thoughts. (Details)

PHOTO & # 39; S

Rare photo's by Joseph Kobzon


Joseph Kobzon: I never pay a reward. With the Golden Stars I only go to the Kremlin and to the "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

The great singer and politician told this in a video interview to our correspondent (details)


Kobzon has never learned to sing "multiplex"

The first program "Singing a song of the Great Victory with Kobzon" could be heard on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda almost at the moment of publication. Joseph Davydovich came to us on the eve of the victory day of 2008 and was in the air for 2 hours. He not only communicated directly with our listeners and readers, but also sang live military songs without "multiplex". "Zemlyanka", "Dark Night", "Cranes" … (details)


"I am my own judge": 20 main rules of the life of Joseph Kobzon

1. I would not want a life other than the life that took place. I always wanted to be the first. I rushed to construction sites Siberia, На целину, на Самотлор, первым из артистов полетел на остров Даманский, когда там случился конфликт с китайцами, первым был в Афганистане, Чернобыле. Я всегда считал, что певец, чем певец (подробности)


Kobzon on the front line: the most famous civilian actions of the People & # 39; s Artist

During his life Joseph Kobzon flew for the first time to places where people needed help or companionship. Because he was not a military man, he always wanted to fight in the full sense of the word, he was a man with a front line. Sitting in the back, picking up expressions, silent again – it was not his style. "KP"Just remember some of the great acts of Joseph Davydovich. Было их, конечно, куда как больше (подробности)


How did Joseph Kobzon come from the hospital to the "Komsomolskaya Pravda"?

The case was in October 1998, when the former members of the Komsomol, and they were not known as former, widely celebrated the 80th anniversary Komsomol. In "Komsomolskaya Pravda" they have also decided to celebrate – worthy, but reasonably roomy, in the style of traditional "dugouts". That is purely ascetic: from drinks only vodka from metal flasks, from snacks – boiled potatoes, black bread, lard and sour cucumbers (details)


It was the father, not just for his own children: celebrities remember Joseph Kobzon

Joseph Davydovich died. He fought for many years. His battle was successful to this day. Serious illness interrupted his flight. Kobzon was 80 years old. He was an artist, he was a politician, he helped people for most of his life. Colleagues & # 39; s from the singer remember him in their social networks (details)


Jim Morrison is strictly the opposite

Dmitry Smirnov

"Kobzon is terribly tired of everyone," the editor told me twenty years ago.

Then his jubilee celebrated and also exchanged glances: well, how much can you, well, again it's "I love you life", a new time, new songs should be, it is impossible to listen.

And all of these twenty, and perhaps all thirty (forty, fifty?) Years, we're waiting for someone to wipe out. And this is not coming. To be precise, it comes every year, but as a tourist to the Egyptian pyramids. Tears are head, looks, scratches in the back of his head, is photographed against the background and goes home to tell his family and friends what a saw saw, here – even a picture is (details)


Biography of Joseph Kobzon

Since 1958 he worked in the Circus on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard in the program "Cuba – my love", where he sang the eponymous song by Alexandra Pahmutova. In the Soviet era he sang patriotic songs. Laureate of many awards and prizes. From 1959 to 1962 – soloist of the All-Union Radio, in 1962-1965 – soloist-vocalist State Concert Committee, in 1965 – 1989 – the soloist-vocalist Mosconcert (Details)

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