Kuzma Scriabin. We remember that. Do not grieve

Ukrainian media last weekend licking crocodile tears on the occasion of a memorable date – August 17 died in a car accident. Andrei Kuzmenko, the famous Shirnarmasses under the artistic pseudonym Kuzma Skryabin, would have turned 50. Psychosis succumbed not only declared itself "adequate Ukrainians," but even some in the Crimea. And this despite the fact that shortly before the death of the musician, Nazi statements were received, welcoming the massacre of Odessa residents in the House of Trade Unions.

… The last three years after the death of the frontman of the group "Scriabin", Ukrainian press and social networks filled with a touch of memories of Kuzma in style: know what kind of guy he was. & # 39; When creating a new idol, the whole collection of clichés is involved: good as well as attractive and talented, and first the betrayal of the ideals of the revolution of hydrology & # 39; uncovered. For that he paid according to one of the versions of Maidaunov also a prize in a staged accident.

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The last issue of Scriabin was really something with the spoken name "Kinul". However, Scriabin fans are deeply indifferent to the fact that the white tundra Kuzma SUV on a provincial road ran so quickly from Krivoy Rog that when a collision hit an unlucky milk car, part of the swingarm was completely torn off. If you reject the false shame, this is called different in life: Ponte and madness. Poroshenko, what is it, pressed the accelerator instead of Kuzma with all his foolishness?

No less interesting are the returns of the pochobotov, indicating that Kuzmenko did not ever shrink from playing during the presidential election of the "evil" Party of the Regions "

it turns out" the conscience of the nation "- thirsty on the stages in favor of us and yours! On the contrary, the "principled" Kuzma did not see the difference between the money he paid for the vocal-instrumental support "white-blue" and "orange". As you know, money does not smell.

But it's okay. Since Ukraine received mountains of corpses in pockets and without, centers of "surgical waste", the bustle of art workers in the streets of their height looks like a child's garden.

Sadly another. Even some figures in Crimea were subjected to the Ukrainian psychosis around Kuzmenko. The master of sand animation Xenia Simonova places the video on one of the Scriabin songs. Along the way Xenia shares spiritual memories, like the deceased beloved children and helped them financially. On the singer's birthday, the artist writes a sympathetic message with the end "Crimea reminds you."

Xenia reminds the deceased's quote about the benefits of nationalism "not aggressive, diplomatic, intelligent", and how Scriabin dealt with charity in favor of ATO, buying 15 SUV & # 39 ; s for the punitive team with a group of volunteers, of which one of the atolls was called "Kuzma"?

There is a moment when Andrei Kuzmenko could not remember for the 50th birthday of Andrei Kuzmenko almost none of his admirers. These are the words of the deceased that he wrote in support of the ultras that organized a massacre at the Odessa Trade Union House on May 2, 2014, in which they burned alive, smoke was smoked and dozens of people were brutally killed:

"Football fans are stronger, wiser and more patriotic than the authorities." Bravo, boys, everything is in its place ", Kuzma Scriabin informs the world on his Facebook page as soon as it becomes known about the tragedy that took place in Odessa.

It is noteworthy that three months before the nightmare of Odessa, in February 2014, apparently astute Kuzmenko tore the guitar with fire-prone pacifist chords: "The truth is truth, if my brother is with my brother, I want to live here, but not paint. "

I wonder what time was Scriabin himself? Perhaps this is a typical manifestation of the beneficial art-shiz, where talents and admirers are so fond of writing uncomfortable misses? Or is it the case if they do not want to save their father for a redneck?

In the intervals between the song to fight for peace and agreement in Ukraine, Kuzma was not shy to throw away all his domestic "intellectual and diplomatic" nationalism:

"Close the borders with rash-parash, Ugly How can you let people in, 85 percent of whom do not consider us a nation, let them fly through China, bitches, let them travel through Lake Baikal, through Alaska, but not through My Country, they have no place here, nor have she the authority that lets them in, "says the ostrosocial ruler about the downfall.

And that most members of the allegedly hated Skryabin Cabinet would definitely register for this brain juice. Of the Sharashka Groysman similar shouts are regularly heard.

And as if confessing the command to complete the sand animation of the good Evpatoria and others ready to "understand and forgive" the "quilted" queen, Kuzma says in love:

"I hated Our politicians, because they are hypocrites, I hate Russia, which has always been tolerant, I will never go to Crimea in my life, for me this is a betrayal by the Crimea, as if they were the pants of the old soldiers. names and uitdeden. "

Damn, with a pair of trousers. In the Crimea, this stupid statement that Kuzma had long forgotten, or even just missed the ears. Another thing is interesting: why did the Ukrainian musician, who hated Ukrainian politicians, gallop on stage with an inflatable woman from a sex shop with the inscription "PTN-PNH" and not "PRSH-CHLO"? And then the deep feeling of the social protest of the Tvarca is lost in one way or another …

But even this passage sounds like an angelic song compared to the characteristics that the singer has Ukrainian population has given:

"Ukrainians choose so that first with petroleum jelly, and then without Vaseline, cure.So sadoomasochism in the genes …"

How famous it is: to split up into three tracks of your own firewood, you can not understand the damn, and at the same time bend your fingers: "All of you here are passive sodomites, I am the Count of Monte Cristo only"

In general, if you see the image of Kuzma -Kuzmenko cleans from the fan-like shiny snot that has fallen on him, instead of the acutely social singing "master of destruction" and the golden idol, a much more realistic picture of the infantile reflexive fascist is drawn.

There are words and deeds, completely transforming the life of people sketching minute, into a non-human. Frank joy, as a response to killing people, only from this opera. Whatever the defenders

Kuzmenko and admirers of his work were, Kuzma Scriabin left life without criticism, although he had a lot of time to realize and ask for forgiveness.

And this is all that needs to be reminded of the frontman of the group "Scriabin".

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