Masha Efrosinina condemned Oksana Marchenko

  Masha Yefrosinina condemned Oksana Marchenko The famous host commented on Marchenko's future participation in the dance show.

After it became known that Oksana Marchenko will participate in the second season of the show "Dancing with the Stars", the network started to actively discuss. Many were indignant that the host was invited to the project, according to Viva.

Masha Efrosinina, who also participates in the project, admitted – she is constantly written with a request to the procomm To place all points above the "i", the presenter left a big post on her blog.

"I received dozens of press releases this week, questions to me are mainly articulated:" What do you think of Mrs Marchenko's participation in the show? "And" Why do not you refuse to take part yourself? to support the entire protesting patriotic public? "In order to ensure that my words are not distorted, I will determine my position with this function!" – Masha began.

"I personally take a negative view of Oksana Marchenko's participation in the project, I have to say that I do not even know her, but I think that the woman is responsible for the actions of her husband, who political situation in my country shakes, – noticed Masha Efrosinina

See also: Paparazzi photographed the long-stretched Eva Longoria [19659004] "Decided to participate in the show, I came to a beautiful and bright project. Has come to compete fairly and show everything, about what is capable. I came for the fulfillment of my dream – DANCE! I really wanted to be part of a great show and together with him give the viewer positive emotions and joy! Throughout the world, the format of "Dancing with the Stars" is not an arena for political manipulation, and neither I nor the other participants ensure that our season gets a political color. However, I still believe that the project will continue to be dance and entertainment. And while it will be so, I will remain a part of it! " – wrote the presenter.

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