MTV Video Music Awards received Havana

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In the United States, the 35-year jubilee of the MTV Video Music Awards was held.

As reported by TASS, the best video of the year, the jury recognized the video "Havana" performed by singer Kamila Cabello.

The 21-year-old Cuban-American singer was represented in five nominations this year. In addition to the main prize she also got a statue in the category "Best artist of the year".

The composition "Havana" was performed by Cabello in collaboration with hip-hop artist Yang Tag.

In this season, according to the number of nominations for the prize, the American rap singer Cardi B was in the lead, registered in twelve categories. Five of them shared the singer with singer Bruno Mars thanks to the joint work on the video for the composition Finesse. As a result, she managed to win the prize in three categories, including & # 39; Best New Artist & # 39; A triple victory was also won by rapper Childdish Gambino with his clip This Is America, which was only recorded in technical nominations.

A serious competitor this year was the creative and conjugated duo of singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Zee. In June of this year they released their debut album Everything Is Love no longer as solo singers, but as the duo The Carters. Their clip for the song Apeshit demanded awards in eight categories, but in the end they managed to get only two figurines in technical categories.

The prize in the category "Best pop video" was awarded to the American Ariana Grande for the clip for the song No Tears Left to Cry. The prize was challenged by Camila Cabello (Havana), Sorry not sorry, In My Blood, Ed Perry and Singer Pink.

The statuette for the best rock video was received by the band Imagine Dragons for the clip for the hit Whatever It Takes.

In the category "Best hip-hop video" the victory went to rap singer Niki Minage for the video for the song Chun-Li.

The MTV Video Music Awards were founded in 1984 by the MTV music channel and became one of the most prestigious awards in the field of video clips. The laureates are traditionally presented with statues in the form of an astronaut in a space suit with a flag, on which the logo of the TV channel can be seen.

Recall, November Rain Guns N & # 39; Roses became the most popular video on YouTube.

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