Outrageous truth about Volochkova, Malakhov revealed the secret of the ballerina

As you know, there was a conflict between Dana Borisova and Anastasia Volochkova, who, on the basis of what happened, did not fully exhaust himself. This week Borisov published a call to his subscribers on the page of his social network, in which she said that they had filmed another program by Andrei Malakhov, which was dedicated to the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

Outrageous truth from Malakhov about the ballerina Volochkova

Borisova has not revealed all the secrets discussed on the set, but she has made it clear that the release would consist of really shocking and unpleasant things that are directly related to Volochkova. Dana stressed that the main theme of the problem is where the ballerina is today in the show business and in the lives of Russian citizens. Soon it will be possible to see an expository release about Volochkova on the Rossiya-1 channel.

Borisova announced that it was difficult to imagine such a behavior of a famous ballerina, and it is even shameful to talk about some of the things that turned out to be on the show.

It is worth noting that Dana Borisova spoke very friendly in her blog about the person of Malakhov. She emphasized that Andrej Malakhov received a sincere offer to help Volochkova with her "package" of problems. At the same time, as Borisova points out, Volochkova is sure that she is jealous of everyone and therefore has criticism. But in this case, the ballerina's behavior is simply pointless and stupid.

Behavior Volochkova – stupid and meaningless

The ballerina regularly appears in some scandals, which she provokes herself, for example, putting nude photos on the net. On the eve of Volochkova she photographed herself in a Greek hotel on the toilet in almost naked.

From the admirers of the ballerina received a large number of judgmental remarks of this frankness. Shocked subscribers wrote under the photo:

"Let me see a place to vomit!" Secular lioness, "" Here was a woman, "" What is it in the life that happened, that is like this? " (spelling and punctuation saved by the author).

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