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Because of the abundance of foul language in the video "Ibiza", we can not violate Russian law by publishing a video or placing a link to it. However, the video can be found when sharing YouTube video & # 39; s.

Poppop singers Nikolai Baskov and Filipp Kirkorov were criticized for the joint clip "Ibiza", in which the artists fight, materialize and arrange dirty tricks. In the comments under the video, the artists were called "homosexuals" and "daunas", and also offered to take away the title of People & # 39; s Artist of Russia.

"The humor? Where is it funny? It is an ugly face … And especially against the background of death [Иосифа] Kobzon. The age of art is over. The era of dirty clowns has arrived. Folk performers who regard people as livestock. Bottom, "- wrote Natalia Strizh.

"For this you can take away the title of People & # 39; s Artist: this bust, on some points (almost everything) I want to close my eyes and not see everything that happens in the video," considered Anna Gulyaeva.

In the clip Kirkorov especially tilts the mobile toilet with Baskov, which is filled with excrement. In another episode the artists fight, and Kirkorov, who sat at the top, sits on Baskov's face. The clip, released on September 7, at the time of writing, collected about 3.5 million views, 80,000 likes and nearly 100,000 dislikes.

Kobzon died on August 30 at the age of 80.

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