Sergey Pritula knew what was the reason for his first dismissal of the work – magazine news

He told about this in the entertainment show "Who is at the top?" Sergey Pritula participated in the contest "Guess Who?", Where one of the proposed categories was: "The one who was fired for sexual harassment". It turned out that the TV host had such an experience. According to Sergey Pritula, this happened in 2000. Then the artist went to work in the United Kingdom, where he got a job as a waiter in a film studio, not far from London.

"2000 years. I work in London. It is clear that many people of different nationalities worked and worked here. And when you cross them, you try it in the first place: in boys – obscene words in their language, and in girls – how will "I love you". I worked 12 miles from the capital of England in the film studio as a waiter", – said Sergey Pritula.

After the presenter had studied the series of "keywords", he used them incorrectly, which not only embarrassed him, but also gave up his job because of sexual harassment.

"The distribution of the pasta was Spanish. She taught me to say "quiero" (love you – channel 24) and "amore mio" (my love, channel 24). As soon as I said all those words, with which she started to squeal like a madman: "Stop." After three minutes the chief manager comes to me and relieves me for sexual harassment. Then it also prescribes to finish this day. I say: "If you are so smart, wear those signs yourself." And go out with your head raised. I still can not believe that I was fired because of sexual harassment", – Sergey Pritula admitted.

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