The Ukrainian rock band SKY was robbed in Odessa

From the SCAY bus the attackers took out all musical instruments

Group SKY. Photo: instagram / skaiband

Group SKY. Photo: instagram / skaiband

On 31 August, a bus of Ukrainian rock band SKY was robbed during a tour. This was reported by one of the musicians of the band.

The incident happened near one of the beach clubs in Odessa. All instruments were stolen from the bus, including two exclusive guitars of musicians.

The SKY Group is looking for witnesses to the robbery. Musicians ask everyone who has information to contact them via the Facebook page. Finding tools promises a reward of $ 2000 dollars.

Recall, on Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, in the center of Kiev robbed Russian blogger and musician Alexei Lebedinsky (Professor Lebedinsky). He said this on his Facebook page. According to the musician, his phone was stolen while walking in Sagaidachny Street.

We also reported a petrol station in the district of Svyatoshinsky in the night of August 20 in Kiev robbed the car of the famous Ukrainian singer Peter Chernoy.


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