Vera Brezhnev put her chest in a spicy dress

Vera Brezhnev showed a luxurious figure in an ultra-short board with an impressive cut in the cleavage zone.

Singer Vera Brezhnev spends a lot of time in the gym and looks at her food and beauty, so she can safely boast a luxurious figure and a chic look. It is no wonder that the actress often chooses such outfits that emphasize her forms. Vera recently published a new photo in her blog with the following image. And he caused numerous disputes among her subscribers.

So, in the picture Brezhnev poses in a sexy black dress decorated with stones. A short skirt stripped the slender and long legs of the star, and the beautiful cleavage emphasized a sumptuous coffin. After looking at the photo, many began to write that Vera looks vulgar in this outfit. The majority, however, did not stop to give compliments to the singer.

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Vera Brezhnev put her breasts in an exaggerated hollow dress "width =" 810 "height =" 1013

Photo: Vera Brezhneva's Instagram

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