Why are Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky separated?

Separation of participants in the Factory of Stars & # 39; Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky still get new details. To rid the rumors of the world, the musicians decided to tell the fans the details of the gap themselves. In particular, Dakota published on her page in Youtube a video in which she told her pain to the fans. The singer remembered once again that the culprit of the family drama was her husband – Vlad Sokolovsky, caught by her on numerous adultery. Dakota admitted that she did not want to believe in her adultery at first, but when she saw pornographers with her participation she understood the whole tragedy & # 39; of the situation.

The first story came out, followed by the second and third. I confirmed it earlier, something that Vlad himself said to me, something that my friends told me. I have a lot of creepy evidence, including video, after which I want to take my eyes off – Dakota opened.

The singer admitted that she still suffered from her husband's betrayal and even turned to psychologists for help. She also resorted to more drastic measures:

I have tried *** a week. It's sad. Getting worse. Better wasteland, – the singer has shared with fans.

But at the same time Dakota noticed that she would not set up a "cross" because of a separation from Sokolovsky. The singer promised fans to "live and love life" & # 39 ;.

It was announced at the beginning of August prisoners of the "Star Factory – 7" Dakota and Sokolovsky are separated after the countless unfaithfulness of a young man. From the first post of Rita on Instagram it became clear that the couple will not only have a painful divorce, but also a division of property. The fifth channel told the details family drama stars.

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