Yuri Gorbunov first showed his son

So the newly created Pope played in a family photo shoot with Ivan and told about the role of the father in the life of the child.

If the father and the mother participated in the founding of the child, despite the fact that his mother had given birth without the pope, nothing would have happened. That's why they have to pay attention, especially if it's a boy.

The presenter also advises all future fathers to attend the delivery. In his opinion it is possible to penetrate more with the birth of a baby and to understand what the woman has been through.

When a man waits in the waiting room, and then he is taken out of the child: "Now, this is yours," and he did not see the whole process, did not see what was happening and what the woman lived – that is one thing, and when he saw everything, it is a completely different story. Then you forgive a woman a lot, you remember what she has been through.

At the same time, Gorbunov is certain that children must give a correct example, otherwise no morality will help.

Never will a child walk on a pedestrian crossing, no matter how much you say to him, if you yourself come across the road and say to him: "It is only with me that you do that, but in general it is necessary to cross the zebra crossing. stabbing." Your life is an example of how a child will grow and what will happen

Let's remember, Yuri Gorbunov and Katya Osadchaya got married in 2017. The spouses also bring a 15-year-old Ilya from a previous marriage that leads with businessman and politician Oleg Polishchuk.

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