A terrible road accident near Kiev: four people were killed

Yesterday, 22:40

Three more victims in intensive care

Photo: facebook.com / dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua[19659009] Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua
Photo: facebook.com/dtp. com:
Фото: facebook.com/dtp.kiev.ua

On the Novoirpenskaya highway near Kiev, four people were killed as a result of the accident. This is in the message dtp.kiev.ua on the page on Facebook. In addition, there are still three victims in intensive care.

So according to the information, the Suzuki car of Irpin had moved, while Citroën drove from Kiev. At one point the driver of Suzuki decided to turn two solid strips, at the same time he did not miss the Citroën and flew as a result in his side.

The rubble flew tens of meters from a powerful blow and the SSES rescuers came to carve the injured cars.

] Witnesses of the accident with a chainsaw tried to pull the Citroën driver himself, that moment was still alive. They did not have time, however, because the resulting injuries proved to be incompatible with life.

Remember that in 1945 an accident with a policeman Prius in Sumy wounded five people

We also wrote that in the Kharkov region as a result of an accident in which an ex-official killed three people . According to preliminary data, Lexus moved along the main road from the city of Kharkov in the direction of Old Saltov, and the VAZ left the secondary road of the village of Peschanoe. Of the injuries received, the 77-year-old driver and the 63-year-old passenger of the VAZ died on the spot. Another 74-year-old VAZ passenger died in the ambulance car.

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