Acting Head of the Fiscal Service of the State Soldier resigned / GORDON

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to hold a competition for the function of head of the Fiscal Service of the state, and the current head of the department, Miroslav Prodan, resigned from its own free will to avoid conflicts of interest, declared Act. head of the Ministry of Finance Oksana Markarova.

Acting Head of State Fiscal Service (GFS) Miroslav Prodan resigned at his own request. On September 5, told reporters acting. Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, the correspondent of the daily GORDON.

According to Markarova, the new head of the GFS is selected at the competition.

"Today the government decided to announce such a match, the prime minister was instructed by the national service and the Ministry of Finance to start the procedures for holding such a match." To avoid a conflict of interest, the acting head of the GFS, Miroslav Prodan, decided to leave alone, Markarova remarked.

She added that Alexander Vlasov will be the head of the GFS for the time of the match.

out of stock led the GFS since March 2017.

On July 17, 2018, he said he was ready to test their activities by law enforcement.

On August 22, the head of the GFS accused the GPU of blackmail and declared "the enormous pressure of law enforcement agencies" against him, friends, relatives and colleagues. Prodan also said that he sent material about the smuggling activity to the National Welfare Department, according to him, the head of the office was the employee of the public prosecutor, Sergei Serdyuk.

On August 28, the Ukrainian news agency, referring to a source in the prosecutor general's office, said that the circumstances of a possible takeover of the Sold Resort Complex in Turkey in the framework of an investigation into criminal proceedings, that lead to anti-corruption bodies.

The INSIDER publication, which refers to the decision of the District Court of the Pechersk District in Kiev, reported that the property, which was probably bought by Soldan in Turkey, is estimated at $ 562,341.

On 3 September, Sold refused information about the purchase of a resort complex in Turkey.

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