Armed man erupted in the building of Kharkiv city council: police killed – News in the region & # 39; s of Ukraine

In the night of 20 to 20 August, an unknown man broke into the building of the Kharkov City Council, where he shot and wounded a guard, as well as a patrol policeman who died in a hospital.

The press service of the state police of the national police in the Kharkov region reports. It should be noted that the patrol of the patrol police arrived first at the scene of the incident.

"An armed man opened fire on policemen and wounded one of the law enforcement officers." The policemen used firearms and neutralized the intruder and the cop died in a hospital of gunshot wound, "the message says.

The police told us that information about the shots that were heard at the city council arrived at the police at 00:37 The patrol patrol went to the indicated address, the police saw a wounded guard near the city council, a man standing beside him, who started shooting at the patrol officers, one of the bullets wounding the policeman.

According to Oleg Bekh, the head of the state-owned enterprise in the Kharkov region, policemen used firearms according to the law of Ukraine and made the attacker harmless.

Now his identity is established 19659002]

On the scene of the incident are the management of the SUAU, the researchers of the SBU, the research group of the police station of Shevchenko, forensic experts. eurt reports the publication "Kharkiv.Live" with regard to eyewitnesses that the attacker wound up about ten shots at the door of the building before he entered the town hall and wounded the guard.

It is noted that the perpetrator was later killed in the street. Investigators of the research department opened criminal proceedings on the grounds of part 2 of article 115 (with prior consultation) and art. 348 (impairment of the life of an employee of a law enforcement agency, a member of public order for the protection of public order and the state border or a soldier) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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