Court in the Rivne region blocked analogue TV outages in Ukraine

On 30 August, the Sarny District Court of the Rivne Region issued a resolution prohibiting broadcasting, radio communications and television (Concern RRT) from carrying out all actions relating to the termination of the use of analogue television technology.

This is written by the "Detector of Media" with reference to the general director of the Concern RRT Peter Semereya.

It was decided to start a lawsuit filed by a Ukrainian citizen Mizyurko Nadezhda Efimovna against the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Concern RRT. The third persons in the case are the Consumer Protection Board in the Rivne region, the TV channel "1 + 1" (LLC 2Teladio company "Studio 1 + 1") and the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff requests the court to recognize the right to receive information about analogue television broadcasts and to require the National Council and RRT Concern to grant access to obtain analogue TV information.

Together with the claim, Mizyurko submitted an application to obtain the claim that the court granted on 30 August. As a result of its decision, the court terminated the rule on the termination of the use of radio technology for analogue TV broadcasts in the plan for the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. In addition, the RRT Group is prohibited from taking any action in connection with the termination of the use of radio technology for analogue TV broadcasts. As far as the National Council is concerned, it is forbidden to make decisions in connection with the termination of the use of radio technology for analogue television broadcasts.

According to Semerei, RRT Concern will implement the decision of the court. Vice-Chairman of the National Council Ulyana Feshchuk stated in his comments on the publication that the National Council had not yet received such a decision. In public judicial registers there is no information about the issue of such an order from the evening of 31 August.

"In line with current legislation, in particular the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the termination of the use of analogue TV broadcasting technology, the National Council has already made the necessary decisions," she said.

In the media group, "1 + 1 media" was informed that they have no information and therefore have no relation to this lawsuit.

"We are not familiar with the solution, but from what we saw in the publications, the requirements have generally been formed quite completely …" 1 + 1 Media "supports simultaneous decoupling of analogue broadcasts in large cities, but we are categorically against the breakdown of settlements with a population of less than 50 thousand people, without the fact that they have confirmation of the presence of a T2 signal, "said the press service of the group in response to a question that the" 1 + 1 "supports claims of the claimant. Recall, according to the government's decision, on August 31, 2018 are disabled analogue TV throughout Ukraine. On the night of 31 July, 1 August, the first phase of decoupling took place in Kiev and the Kirovograd region.

The TV channel "1 + 1" appealed against the decision of the Cabinet and the decision of the National Council for television and radio broadcasts to conclude analogue television.

On 18 July, the government made changes to its decision to set up analogue television to preserve analogue broadcasts in areas with a special broadcasting regime (the zone of environmental protection and on the border with the Crimea).

On 29 August, the government continued analogue broadcasting of the channels of the national public television and radio company of Ukraine, local broadcasters that do not have digital licenses and transmitters at the border with the Russian Federation, before 1 May 2019.

Also on 29 August, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting decided to terminate the license for analogue broadcasting of 39 TV channels (40 legal entities) per 1 September. Broadcasting organizations must return their invalid licenses within 10 days or re-issue licenses within one month, which will remain partially in force.

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