From today you have to turn on the headlights in the afternoon

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"Dark" headlights cost drivers 425 hryvnia fine

photo's of open sources

photo's of open sources

The police reminded drivers that from 1 October, while driving outside the built-up area, it is necessary to switch on daytime running lights or dipped-beam headlamps.

This is reported by the Patrol Police of Ukraine on Facebook.

"From 1 October, it is necessary to switch on daytime running lights or dipped lights when driving outside the built-up area"– said in a statement.


The police noted that these traffic regulations are valid from 1 October to 1 May and are mandatory at any time of the day.

It should be noted that this provision is intended to improve road safety in dark areas of the road both during the day and in the dark.

It is during this period, in connection with the reduction of daylight and weather conditions, that the visibility of the car for pedestrians and other road users should be increased.

To ignore this rule a fine of 425 hryvnia.

Recall, on 27 September, the law "On changes in certain legislative acts of Ukraine on the reform of the area of ​​vehicle parking", which provides for the inevitability of liability for violation of the rules of stopping, parking and parking vehicles. The law also provides for the introduction of photo and video recordings of the crime. Specially trained municipal inspectors have the duty on the street and use special equipment to register violations, and to punish violators with fines or to carry out temporary confinement of the vehicle.

In addition Ukrainian drivers are waiting for new fines for improper parking. Special inspectors for the patrol begin to gain experience from the police.

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