In Kiev, a woman was killed by a balcony

In Kiev, a woman was killed by a piece of balcony that fell from a new building. The tragedy took place on the street Klavdievskaya (Novobelichi), informs "Informator".

The iron construction of the balcony with LCD "Grunwald" fell on a woman. According to the police, the worker on the 21st floor cut an iron structure and fell off. Unfortunately, at this moment under the house there was a woman born in 1952.

From the injuries she died, doctors had to admit death alone. The 66-year-old woman worked in the supermarket, which is located on the first floor of the new building. It is worth saying that there are no fences and warning signs around the house where construction work is being carried out. On-site patrols, SOGs and personnel from the Emergency Department department. The circumstances and causes of the tragedy will be determined by the investigation.

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