In Kiev, dissatisfied with the growth of Ukrainian passenger traffic to Russia

The so-called "representation of the President of Ukraine in the autonomous republic of Crimea", located in Kherson and not related to the peninsula, supported the proposal of the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan to stop passenger rail communications with Russia.

This was at the press conference in Kiev, said the first deputy feykovoy representative Izet Gdanov, the correspondent of "Political Navigator".

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"We support the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine with regard to the proposal to stop rail communications from mainland Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and there is also a proposal to stop the bus service from mainland Ukraine to Russian cities. are really at war, RF – the intruder and the aggressor, so we must take response measures as a state whose territory is actually occupied by the Russian Federation, "said the official.

At the same time he acknowledged that there is an increase every week in the number of flights from mainland Ukraine to Russia, because "there is a so-called agreement between Ukraine and Russia on establishing communication."

"As you already know, we do not have an air service with Russia, so what is the expediency of our rail communications? What is the expediency of a bus service? This is a matter of security for both the territory and our citizens. the occupier is informed that Ukraine, the EU and the US will respond to the international norms and limits of other states and will force Russia to respect the norms of the law, "Gdanov said.

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