In the Kiev region police arrested "a thief in law" – News in the region of Ukraine

The police of the Kiev region held a "kingpin" with the name Dato Agdzhabedinsky, which was already expelled from Ukraine and banned access for three years. This was written by the first vice-president of the National Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, on his Facebook page.

"Police officers in the Kiev region held a" thief "last year, born in 1985, the criminal nickname" Dato Agjabedinsky. "This" tourist "and earlier by the law enforcement officers of Kiev and Lviv in May of this year and it has already been decided to expel the territory of Ukraine with a ban on entry for 3 years," wrote V. Abroskin.

SBU officers detained militants in the zone of the CIA

the deputy chairman The National Policy, in his opinion, gives so & # 39; n foreign thieves in the law & # 39; the task of the FSB of the Russian Federation and uses it to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

"He (Dato Agjabedinsky – ed.) Has arrived again in our country, and he is not the only one here executor of FSB duties: where such guest artists such as Nodar Rustavsky, Antimos, Paata Kutaisiskiy, Lasha Svan, Kutsu, etc. hide. "

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