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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) expects to receive a new credit tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) until the end of the autumn within the framework of the EFF program.

This was reported by deputy governor Oleg Churiy during a round table in Kiev on Tuesday, August 28, reports the bureau. Interfax Ukraine.

"Our prediction is that we can conclude an agreement with the IMF, and in our forecast we promise to receive a tranche worth about $ 2 billion until the end of the fall," he said.

As you know, the International Monetary Fund sets four requirements for Ukraine to receive the next installment. So, Kiev would have to establish an anti-corruption court and settle the issue with gas prices. Also the requirements were already adopted pension reform and the law on privatization.

In July IMF approved it Ukraine's updated plan to establish an anti-corruption court, bringing the country closer to a new $ 1.9 billion tranche.

Ukraine is engaged in a complicated negotiation process with the IMF on the gas issue since July 2017: the fund insists on increasing the price of gas for the population, which according to various estimates can vary from 30% to 60%, due to rising prices on international markets.

Earlier, the media, referring to a source close to the government, reported a new proposal from Ukraine a variant of a compromise in negotiations with the IMF on the price of gas. The package offers several steps.

To continue the cooperation with the IMF and receive the next tranche, Ukraine remains to fulfill a "critical" obligation about bringing gas prices for the population to an economically healthy level.

The government still refuses to increase the cost of gas for citizens, arguing that it is first necessary to offer compensation to the poor. According to various estimates, the increase can vary from 30% to 60%.

The IMF position is quite heavy, because in 2017 the government decided to increase gas prices so that Ukraine could receive a tranche of the IMF loan, but then unilaterally refused to implement it.

However, on July 26, the Cabinet again postponed increase in gas prices for the population.

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