in the Russian media – hysteria

On Sunday, September 8, almost all electronic media of the neighboring state are extremely hostile to Ukraine [именно государства в лице его рашистско-фашистского режима], reported the transfer to Berdyansk, whose port has been blocked since the spring of this year by the Russian Federal Security Service Border Guard Service, the Ukrainian armored car of the Gyurza project.

To replicate the news about this, the Russians generally refer to the source of information – the Ukrainian military portal.

What exactly does he say that caused the growth of the media?

And here it is [дословно]:

"After the meeting of the National Security Council and Defense Council of Ukraine on 6 September, a decision was taken to strengthen the presence of the Navy in the Sea of ​​Azov, the establishment of a naval cutter group of Ukrainian forces.

The accompanying actions did not last long: on the morning of 8 September a shipment to Berdyansk was observed by a car trailer of a small armored artillery boat of the Ukrainian navy of the Gyurza type.

By posting a report on this, the Ukrainian militaristic portal refers to "own sources" in the general staff and the naval command & # 39 ;.

"It is expected", it is further noted in the message that three small armored artillery boats will be transferred to the Sea of ​​Azov. To date, they become the most powerful combat units in this sea, which the Ukrainian navy will have. "

Furthermore, the portal reminds us that in May the Russians sent three artillery boats of the "Shmel" type from the Caspian fleet of the Russian navy to Azov along the inland waters.

In general, as expected, before the end of the year on the Sea of ​​Azov, the naval base of the Ukrainian Navy will be created by the transfer of the southern naval base of the Ukrainian navy of Nikolaev, which prior to the occupation of Crimea was located in the settlement Novoozernoe in the Donuzlav Bay. In the future, a cutter battalion will be created on its basis with all the forces and resources. Thus the structure of the command of the Navy of the armed forces of Ukraine will be reformatted.

"On pages in the social networks of inhabitants of Berdyansk," adds, "a picture of a small armored artillery boat was released in the port of Berdyansk."

In the subject

In the Ukrainian navy there are six armored projectors from Project 58155 Gyurza-M, including the armored car Berdyansk.

By the way, Gyurza is not only a particularly dangerous snake, but also … an iron bat. Now it is clear, from what zaistereili Rossi? Holding the next merchant ships in Berdyansk is one thing, and it is a very different matter to try to do this when accompanied by an "iron stick". Very dangerous for your own head.

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"Gyurza" arrived in Berdyansk

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