Journalists posted a video in which Poroshenko refuses to give interviews and remove the microphone

August 28, 2018, 03:20

On Monday 27 August, President Petro Poroshenko paid a working visit to Nikolaev in the Zorya-Mashproekt ZPPG. During the visit of the head of state to the company, one of the journalists (Ivan Kazora) tried to ask a question that the guarantor refused to answer. Poroshenko tried every way to get rid of the intrusive media representative: he took his hand off the microphone and accelerated the movement, and the governor of the Nikolayev region Alexei Savchenko and their guards tried in every way possible to push the journalist away from the head of state. Institute of internet users on its Facebook page

Poroshenko is not the first president to apologize for unfulfilled promises

"Petro Poroshenko, as head of the European state, can now proudly show this video to his colleagues Macron or Merkel, how he solves the problem in public with annoying journalists and guarantees the freedom of expression in Ukraine." And Olexiy Savchenko must be rewarded for the successful protection of the president of journalists – bodyguards for arrivals to Nikolaev can not be taken away with him, Alexei Yuryevich himself will face.
Today. Nikolaev. State-owned company "Zorya-Mashproekt". Ivan Kasora tried to ask the president of Ukraine a question, "the user signed the video with the head of state and the journalist.

Earlier, "Vesti" reported that after the speech of Poroshenko on the parade, another soldier lost consciousness. Gritsenko and Poroshenko also met in the presidential administration.

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