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The prosecutor's office of Ukraine collects evidence and prepares the case against the acting head of the Fiscal Service of the state Miroslava Prodanasaid in an interview with "Ukrainian truth" Attorney General Yuri Lutsenko. Earlier, he reported that there was evidence of illegal activities by the head of the GFS.

"Yes, I have complaints about sales, so far I have filed complaints about the many cases of smuggling that his subordinates have committed, but now I am working on a case in which I personally claim him." The moment I get enough of the amount of evidence, I will accept the procedural decision. "I say this once and for all honestly – this does not mean digging under Groysman," he emphasized.

And he noted that the problem of the presence of smuggling at customs does not depend on which law enforcement agencies of the country have access to it. "Still, about 30% goes to the side, so it was for now" SBU "could go to the customs office, and so it remains when they do not have this right, unfortunately it remains when the police went in. That is not in this is a problem, "adds the Attorney General.

"I say that smuggling today is rampant in the country, Vladimir Borisovich (Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman – editor) says" fact. "I suggest such a method of struggle, he says" no, I choose another "". Okay, you're the prime minister. In this case, I find time and time again huge problems in the work of customs, "- said Lutsenko.

The head of the GPU also called for a change of command with Ukrainian customs, including the appointment of a permanent leader.

"I (the prime minister – editor) openly called for a change of command at customs, now I do this in public with you." I believe that in a country that has not been the head of customs for three years, there can be no order at customs. I believe that if we have appointed another acting officer, it does not solve anything, because on the same day, when he was appointed, millions of "double bass" were found in his customs office, "he summarizes.

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Recall, July 16 Lutsenko said that the investigating authorities have gathered sufficient evidence of involvement and. about. Head of GFS from Miroslava Sold to illegal activities, while also noting that research will continue from February.

On 9 July the officers of the security service and the GPU searched the head of the GFS GU in the region Vinnytsia Ruslan Osmolovsky and the drivers Miroslav Prodan.

As reported by ZN.UA, a high source in the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, it is expected that the government will get 80% of the chance that the SBU anti-corruption department led by Pavel Demchina initiates detention Sold. In the SBU they claim that they have audio and video recordings, which indicates that Prodan has exceeded the legal rules.

According to the Insider publication, it concerns the activities of the so-called "nut mafia" at customs. Research into the leadership of the GFS in the government is associated with the intensification of combating smuggling and corruption in customs.

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