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On Friday, August 24, 2018 Ukraine celebrates the 27th anniversary of independence.

Festive events are held throughout the country, but the most important and massive events are in Kiev. The main event of Independence Day is thus the parade & # 39; Mars of a new army & # 39; on Khreshchatyk and the Independence Square.

The All-Union referendum on the retention of the USSR, to which Ukraine at that time participated, was organized on March 17, 1991. According to the results of the polls, the first step towards the independence of Ukraine and the adoption of a declaration on the sovereignty of the state.

    Ukraine celebrates Independence Day: all details online

On 16 July, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the resolution "On the Day of Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine". On June 5, the parliament approved a decision according to which since 1992 the Independence Day of Ukraine began to celebrate on 24 August.

11:32 On the Khreshchatyk tanks T-64 and BMP-2, as well as seven guns "Bogdan".

11:26 Petro Poroshenko posthumously awarded the Hero award from Ukraine to Lieutenant Oleg Dolg and Lieutenant Vladimir Sosnin. The army received the honorary title for personal courage, heroism and self-sacrifice, shown in the protection of the sovereignty of the state and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath.

The president also awarded honorary titles to the military units of the Ukrainian armed forces and the state border service with the aim of restoring the historical traditions of the national army.

11:16 During the speech of President Petro Poroshenko, one of the soldiers fell ill and fell.

10:50 The famous Ukrainian presenter Katya Osadchaya complained that the rehearsals of the parade hampered the Kiev movement, and stated that it is expedient to spend the procession at night.

10:28 The first images of the parade "Mars of the New Army" appeared on Khreshchatyk.

10:09 The parade was attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

10:00 AMand Khreshchatyk and the Independence Square in Kiev, the military parade – "Mars of a new army" was launched. Participation is done by 250 units of equipment, 4,500 soldiers, among them for the first time and soldiers-women. OBOZREVATEL offers to view the online broadcast.

9:00 am Kiev completes the final preparations for the ceremonial events.

7 a.m. Traffic on the streets is forbidden before the end of the parade. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya (from Zhilyansk to Khreshchatyk) – Bessarabskaya Square – st. Khreshchatyk – Independence Square – European Square.

06:45 Before the end of the parade, traffic on the streets of Kiev is prohibited:

  • during the passage of military equipment to the scene of the parade along the route (column No. 1, followed equipment: park of the military unit A0222 – marshal Rybalko street – Chernovala street – exit to the Victory avenue on the opposite strip on the left from the Vozduhoflotsky bridge – Victory Avenue (on the opposite strip) – Victory Square (on the opposite lane) – Starovokzalnaya Street – Zhilyanskaya Street;

  • after the military parade on the route European Square – Vladimirsky Descent – st. Sagaidachnogo – st. Andreevskaya (part of caterpillars and wheeled vehicles) and Borichev descent (on the opposite lane) (part of tracks and wheeled vehicles) – ul. Naberezhno-Khreschatytska (on the other lane) – st. Nizhny Val – Glibochitsky travel – st. V. Chernovol – st. Marshal Rybalko – the park of the military unit A0222;

  • during the passage of military equipment to the location of the parade along the route (column number 2, wheeled vehicles): the airport "Svyatoshin" – ul. Academician Tupolev – st. Stetsko – st. Shcherbakivsky – Victory Avenue – Victory Square – st. Starovokzalnaya Street Zhilyanskaya;

  • after the military parade on the route European Square – Petrovskaya alley – Park road – Dnieper descent – Naberezhnoe highway – st. Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Str. Nizhny Val – Glibochitsky travel – st. Черновола – просп. Victory – st. Academician Tupolev – airport "Svyatoshin".

As reported OBOZREVATEL, French President Emmanuel Macron first congratulated President Petro Poroshenko on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, in which he also congratulated the entire Ukrainian people.

Congratulations also came from the American leader Donald Trump. He warned that the United States will always remain close to Ukraine in connection with the protection of territorial integrity.

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