The director of the armored factory of Lviv was fired

The director of the armored factory of Lviv was fired

Roman Tymkiv / Photo: UNIAN

Roman Tymkiv was dismissed from the position of director of the state enterprise "Lviv Armored Factory".

The corresponding order was signed by the general manager of GC Ukroboron of Pavel Bukin. This is reported on the website of "Ukrobornprom".

"Roman Tymkiv during the management of the company inefficient decisions were taken, which led to the timely repair of military equipment. In this regard, the state enterprise "Lviv armored factory" by a court order is required to pay fines in favor of the customer. In accordance with the terms of the contract, signed with Roman Tymkiv as the head of the company, he is responsible for the quality of orders, non-compliance is the basis for early termination of labor relations, "says the statement of" Ukroboronproma ".

Previously, Focus wrote that Roman Tymkiv was relieved of the function of director of the Lviv Armored Factory in July 2017, making it impossible to dismiss him before the expiry of the suspension.

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