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chef Odessa Customs Alexander Vlasov was removed from the service for the period of official investigation of the theft of 37 containers with substances and other goods. This was reported and. about. head of the State Fiscal Service (GFS) Miroslav Prodan.

According to him, the internal security unit of the central apparatus of the GFS will carry out an official investigation. He also suspects involvement in the theft of GPU employees.

"For the impartiality of the actions for the period of this investigation, to remove the head of Odessa customs from fulfilling his duties." Thirdly, I have the claim that the staff of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine are involved in this crime. "I ask the NABU for an impartial investigation," said Prodan, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Prodan confirmed that during the investigation the GFS officers have identified involvement in the theft of containers from the Aminev-Serdyuk group. "By the way, the last before this time works in the prosecutor's office … Until recently, this employee also works – in the unit that oversees the work of customs," – said and. about. head of the GFS.

According to him, stolen containers contain, in addition to dust, machinery, tractors, spare parts and other goods.

As Yuri Lutsenko stated on August 21, GFS and tax agents under procedural leadership of prosecutors of the prosecutor general's office revealed 100 thousand tons of cloth worth $ 150 million without documents about the origin of the goods. This product was discovered during the investigation into the theft of 37 containers from the Odessa customs.

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Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine collects evidence and prepares the case against the acting head of the Fiscal Service of the state Miroslava sold.

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