The owners of the ship Mechanic Pogodin commented on the detention of the ship in the port of Kherson

Company V.F. The tanker, who owns a ship caught in the port of Kherson, mechanic Pogodin, has issued a statement explaining the reasons for the arrest.

The company noted that the reason for boarding the ship in 2011 was financed by the lease company VEB-Leasing.

"The formal reason was still found – the financing of the construction of the ship was carried out by the lease company VEB-Leasing in 2011. No one was interested that since the launch in 2011, Mechanic Pogodin is on the balance of the ship owner – the company VF Tanker, not that is included in the sanction lists ", according to the company.

The owners of the vessel also noted that they had paid back the remainder of the financing for themselves, so that the claims of the Ukrainian leadership were withdrawn.

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Former Deputy Permanent Representative of the President in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Izet Gdanov said that the ship Mechanic Pogodin, which is on the Ukrainian sanction list, is blocked in the port of Kherson for three years.

August 10 in the port of Kherson was discovered ship Mechanic Pogodin under the Russian flag, which is included in the NSDC sanctions list. The ship transported oil products. The estimated costs of a detained Russian ship and its property amount to about $ 7 million.

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