The subsidy register will appear in Ukraine

In the near future in Ukraine, the national register of recipients of subsidies will work. The Minister of Social Affairs, Andrei Reva, stated this during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, August 22, Vesti correspondent reports.

The minister presented a concept for a new internet portal, where information can be found about who is entitled to the subsidy and to what extent. To do this, simply enter the address of the apartment or house. "This register will indicate the status of the grant – effective or inactive," explained Reva.

Refuse four million. The state prepares common terror for recipients of subsidies

According to him, the distribution of subsidies will also be divided into two periods – heating and non-heating season. "Until this year we did not have a single subsidy basis, and when we brought the base together, we found more than 20,000 citizens who received a double subsidy, and as a rule, this happened in different areas.Now this is impossible.We follow those trying to get more than he should do, immediately, "says Reva.

For today, government subsidies have been allocated to 2.6 million citizens. "From a strategic perspective, we are going to full subsidy of subsidies," the minister said.

Earlier, "Vesti" reported that the Ukrainians began to refuse subsidies. Moreover, it became known that the rules for the calculation of subsidies will be changed.

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