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People & # 39; s Deputy of Ukraine of the party "Bloc Petro Poroshenko" Oleg Barna said that the military parade, which on Independence Day on August 24 in Kiev will be held, "earthquake in Moscow" will be. He said this on the NewsOne news channel. The accompanying video will be posted on the YouTube channel page.

According to him, the Ukrainian side has "something to brag about". He noted that the parade counted the patriotism of citizens who wanted to see the fight of the army. "I think the march of our army and the thunder of our armored vehicles would cause an earthquake in the Kremlin," Barna said.

The MP also noted that the Ukrainian T-64 tank is better on the characteristics of the Russian tank on the universal combat platform of "Armata". He added that the Ukrainian fighting vehicle is the most reliable. Reacting to the situation, when the tank that went to the rehearsal was stopped, Brana said that this is a technical moment & # 39; is, and those who do nothing, make no mistakes.

The fact that the tank was on its way to the rehearsal of the parade in Kiev stopped, on Wednesday, August 22nd. According to "112 Ukraine" smoke came from the fighting vehicle. Independently the tank could not leave and was evacuated. On Saturday, August 18, during the rehearsal of the parade, a Buk anti-aircraft missile system crashed into the business center. It caused minor damage.

The parade will be attended by 4000 soldiers. According to the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Stepan Poltorak, new examples of weapons and equipment will be demonstrated during the event.

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