The wife of the murdered former deputy of Sumy City Council Zhuk is in Russia

The wife of the murdered former deputy of Sumy City Council Zhuk is in Russia

The widow of the former deputy of the Sumy City Council, Anatoly Zhuk, who was assassinated on August 2, is with him on the territory of the Russian Federation, deputy head of the National Police Vyacheslav Abroskin told the social network of Facebook.

"We have received reliable information that the missing widow and daughter, and the director of the former head of the Sumy branch of the Liberal Democratic Party Anatoly Zhuk, who were sought, were found in the Russian Federation on 2 August 2018", wrote Abroskin.

He noted that according to the police the woman was detained by Russian border guards when crossing the border illegally in the area of ​​Elizovevetovka village of Glushkovsky district (Kursk region).

It should be noted that for unknown reasons a widow and a former driver in the Russian Federation were asked for political asylum.

"The victim's wife, who was near him during the murder, refused to cooperate with the police after she killed her husband, citing her unhealthy condition." Her lawyer accused the police of being "heartless" and not understanding the woman's health, but this "poor self-awareness" has not prevented her from crossing the border at night, "emphasized the first vice-president of the national police.

Abroskin noted that law enforcement officials continue with operational search and investigation actions to identify the person or persons involved in the murder, and to identify all the circumstances of the crime committed.

As reported, A. Zhuk was found dead on 2 August. It is certain that he died in the courtyard of his own house as a result of a gunshot wound, which proved to be fatal. The police found a gun next to the scene. His wife can be involved in his murder.

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