Apple removes 25 thousand applications – the reason

Apple removes 25,000 illegal apps with gambling from the App Store due to accusations from the Chinese media.

It has been reported The Wall Street Journal with a link to the Chinese state television channel CCTV.

The reason was the earlier accusation by Apple of the Chinese media that the manufacturer does not check the filtering and blocking of illegal content.

– Apple has itself created rules for applications in its online store, but does not follow them, which led to the spread of fictitious lottery applications and illegal gambling, – according to the report.

In Apple, however, they have not confirmed how many requests they have removed, but they have agreed accusingly.

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– Applications with gambling are forbidden in the App Store in China. We have already removed many applications and developers who tried to spread illegal game applications in our App Store, "the company commented.

China's state media believe that deceptive people lose a lot of money because of such applications.

The Chinese market is one of the largest and most important for Apple.

According to the WSJ, the App Store offers approximately 1.8 million applications in China, and if Apple really removes 25 thousand of it, the total number is reduced by 1.4%.

By the way, on August 17 in Turkey, retailers Stop accepting customer orders to the mobile phones from Apple & # 39; s iPhone.

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