Details about the new iPhone will be revealed. Apple will change their names and promotion strategy

It will be interesting, but without revolutions

On the eve of the announcement of three new iPhone smartphones, which are traditionally expected in September, the web has new details about the design of new products, their hardware and software, working titles, as well as the expected timing of the sale and some changes in the global strategy of Apple for their promotion.

All new models of the iPhone in 2018 will be presented in a broader price range, with different sizes and sets of functionality for the widest possible coverage of potential customers, reported Bloomberg referring to his own industrial sources.

Nevertheless, all novelties will in general inherit the design of the flagship of last year to a certain extent. Breakthroughs such as a truly new iPhone X or iPhone 6 design from the 2014 sample in this season should not be expected, sources say, as important changes are being prepared for Apple for next year's models.

New details about the design of the iPhone in 2018

The most advanced and expensive model of the 2018 model of the 2018 model with a 6.5-inch OLED screen received the working name D33 in the company, Bloomberg sources familiar with the situation comment. The new flagship will be the largest iPhone, one of the largest smartphones on the market, and the second smartphone with a bright and high-contrast OLED screen.

Like its predecessor, the new flagship iPhone receives a steel chassis and a glass tailgate, as well as a dual main camera at the rear. Of the serious differences in software equipment, the smartphone can simultaneously display two applications on the screen.

"Medium" smartphone Apple in 2018, which received the company name D32, is expected to become an "upgrade" of the current iPhone X in a sense. It will get a 5.8-inch display with an OLED matrix. The main advantage of the new iPhone for the predecessor, according to sources, is the improved performance and improved functionality of the camera.

Face ID receives all three iPhone's in 2018

The most interesting novelty, according to sources, will be the cheapest smartphone in the new line-up, which will replace the family of the iPhone 8. The novelty, called "N84", will receive a design in the style of the iPhone X, but the 6.1-inch screen is made on the basic matrix LCD.

To attract more potential buyers, the affordable LCD smartphone iPhone 2018 will be presented in a comprehensive range of color design of the housing, say the sources.

Unlike the iPhone X, made on the chassis of their stainless steel, this smartphone will receive a less expensive aluminum chassis. Sources also point out that the budget for iPhone 2018 will be available in versions with frame colors that differ from the color design of the glass back cover.

Inexpensive iPhone in 2018 will be the second experiment of Apple with the differentiation of smartphones in performance and color, say analysts Bloomberg. So, in 2013, Apple is already deploying the iPhone 5c, which was in fact a version of the iPhone 5 in a plastic case. However, at that time, iPhone fans did not value Apple's efforts and preferred the metal casing. This year the budget iPhone will still have a metal housing, albeit aluminum, which according to the idea should keep the premium level.

IPhone 2018 smartphone models

Apple plans to equip the two older smartphones with two slots for SIM cards – at least in versions for some regions, say sources.

Leapfrog with official names

The choice of names for the new iPhone is a & # 39; real puzzle & # 39; become for Apple, sources that are familiar, familiar with the discussion about the problem. In fact, the company plans to sell three smartphones with the same design, and each of them supports Face ID. Moreover, the most budget model has even larger dimensions than the average priced iPhone, which can confuse a potential buyer.

After a thorough review of the numerous versions of the titles, Apple finally decided to stop at the name "iPhone XS" for premium smartphones – so the company hopes to emphasize the updated nature of the new models compared to the iPhone X last year says the source.

Apple also made the final decision to drop the Plus add-on for the largest flagship model the company has used since the launch of the big iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

The & # 39; Plus & # 39; tags in the name of the 2018 flagship iPhone will therefore not be precise, but the final version of the name has not yet been approved.

Production has already started, but with a malfunction

Both older models of the iPhone in 2018 with OLED screens are manufactured in the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. factories. (Foxconn). The production of a budget iPhone with an LCD display is divided between Hon Hai and Pegatron, Bloomberg sources say.

The new iPhone will receive Face ID unlocking technology and the gesture management system introduced by Apple last year, so you can absolutely forget the Home button of the company's new smartphones.

The assembly of the new iPhone with OLED screens was launched at Hon Hai companies in July, while the production of LCD models began in August, says a source. The reason for the delay at the beginning of the production is called the introduction of minimal changes in the design of the LCD panel.

The exclusive supplier of mobile processors Apple A12 for the new iPhone is still the contract manufacturer of semiconductors TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.). The main supplier of cameras & optics for the new iPhone is the Taiwan Largan Precision Co.

Looking for margin: Apple is changing the strategy for promoting the iPhone

This year, with the introduction of new smartphones, Apple plans to adjust its market strategy, say Bloomberg sources. In exchange for the previous practice of attracting millions of new iPhone fans, Apple's goal is now to consistently raise the average price, as well as a bid for the sale of accessories and paid services such as streaming music and video.

"The sale of smartphones for iPhone enters the band with a slight annual increase of 0.5%, so they [Apple] will stick to such a strategy, "he said. Gene Munster (Gene Munster), a well-known analyst for Apple products and managing partner of Loup Ventures.

At the beginning of 2016, Apple announced the achievement of a score of 1 billion active users of the iPhone. By the end of 2018, Bloomberg analysts expect their number to grow to 1.3 billion.

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