Google acknowledged the monitoring of users

As explained in Google, the story locations still stored on the device and in the account, if some services are activated, in particular "Search" and "Maps".

In the rules for the use of "History" locations"A new item appeared indicating that disabling Location History does not affect geolocation storage in other company services, for example, in the search system or Google maps.

According to reliable recent data from employment agencies, the page said earlier with the closure of "History Place"Information about the movements of the user is not saved later Google has changed this help item.

The program sends information about the geolocation of the user, even despite the disabled option "History Place"Regardless of the iOS platform, or the Android, many programs Google, including & # 39; Cards & # 39 ;, keeps the user's geo position when opening the application. To stop the tracking movements of the smartphone, in the privacy settings there is an item called Location History (Russian & # 39; History & # 39;) locations"), Which can be disabled. Google monitors users' movements, even if this is not allowed. Now there (we are talking about the English version of the help) says: "This setting does not affect other location services on your device." The company confirmed that such a practice existed since January of last year 2017 – Google determines the position of the devices by triangulation on the towers of mobile communication. In addition, in Google recognized some data about it Place can be saved as part of the activity on other services, for example in "Search" or "Maps".

The agency then told that some developer applications continue to track the location of phone owners, even if geolocation is turned off.

The company claims that it has updated the explanation about the history locationsnot to make them less clear.

Update the Help Center Google it is unlikely that users who have carefully studied the security policy of the search giant and other technical companies have ensured their own confidentiality.

Google known to spy on users without their permission
Google has known that it spies on users

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