iPhone explodes in Apple Store Amsterdam / New Time

The overheated battery caused the iPad to explode in the Apple dealer center in Amsterdam. This is the third case of Apple & # 39; s product ignition for the current year.

In the afternoon in the center of Amsterdam, after the explosion of the tablet evacuated people from the Apple Store, The Next Web reports that refers to the Dutch media AT5.

The device exploded due to an overheated or leaking battery. Despite the fact that the workers quickly placed the iPad in a bucket of sand and nobody was injured by the explosion, three people had breathing problems because the tablet emits toxic smoke.

After the arrival of firefighters and the evacuation of customers, the work of the Apple Store was resumed.

Remember, this is the third case of an explosion of Apple products for 2018. As previously in January in one of the Chinese hardware stores the NV has bitten, the user has bitten the iPhone, which required an explosion of smartphone batteries .

And last week the iPhone, which the customer only got out of the repair, exploded on the front of her car. The cause of the explosion can be a fake smartphone battery.

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