Microsoft began to "kill" Windows 8

The receipt of new applications in the Windows Store for these operating systems is stopped. In the modern history of Microsoft, there have been many unusually unhappy moments for which it should be ashamed.

On August 21, 2018, the American company killed Windows & # 39 ;, not only for computers and tablets, but also for smartphones.

A well-known IT company refused to offer its support, both in technical and in software. This means that there are no more updates, telephone consultations and even patches for the security system.

Fortunately, there is a terrible fate with the operating system Windows 8, which according to many fans of Microsoft even less successful than Windows Vista, which was released several years after XP. This operating system will be exceeded on the last day of October because updates will not be released in the beginning of November.

From this point on, developers are also stopping making different software and games that have been created for the eighth "Windows" in the software store.

Since July 2019, the American company Microsoft has been planning to prohibit all developers from releasing updates for software designed for devices based on Windows 8, including the version of Phone for smartphones.

This means that all users must be satisfied with old outdated software, in which there will never be new functions and possibilities and no one will solve problems.

In July 2023, developers will remove all software intended for the eighth Windows from the Windows Store.

That is why Microsoft has started "killing" one of the most recent versions of Windows 8. All owners of computers, tablets and smartphones that are based on it, have to be updated to newer software, otherwise you have to stay without updates, patches for it security system, software in face program & # 39; s and games, as well as many other things, without which no operating system can stay on the market for long.

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