NASA Marsotographer photographed the perplexed reptile (VIDEO)

UFO doctor Scott Waring is not the first to show lots that speak about the existence of life in the fourth celestial body of the sun

About this, Waring reports on his page in youtube, transfers referring to

In this case we are talking about a reptile that was seen near the rover on the surface of the Red Planet.

"I found the face of this reptile that looked out of the darkness near the rover, it seems that it is trying to decide to attack its planet, to stay in a hiding place." The material presented shows that the representative of the animal world has a fearful gaze that can be determined by the expression of the muzzle that it is difficult to say whether the object is still alive or if it is petrified. It would be nice if NASA brought the spaceship closer to establishing a new kind of discovered mysterious reptile. "a resident of the celestial body, it is unfortunate that the American space agency is hiding the truth from the public," said the expert.

Users of the network are equally impressed by the photo of the mysterious creature, although many people from around the world share the opinion of Waring – life on Mars exists. Ufologist never doubted this.

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