On Mars, a fragment of an alien ship

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Mars Curiosity has been studying the surface of Mars for several years. Recently he discovered an object that drew the attention of NASA scientists. In turn, ufologists immediately stated that this object is part of the alien ship.

In the American space service they believe that a foreign object might be part of the robber. Ufologists, these traces on the Red Planet make you think about life on Mars.
It is worth noting that authoritative experts say that this is a paint splinter from the robber's skeleton.
The find will be studied, after which scientists can say exactly what this object is, informs "Inform".
Note that the study of the Red Planet is extremely important for ufologists.
Similar images made by the spacecraft, the experts study carefully enough to find traces of extraterrestrials. Hunters on aliens are convinced that the strange object that is captured on the picture can be a fragment of the ship of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

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