One of the most promising projects that Google has failed

Once to a time, Google has managed to create a search engine, which is literally used today by the entire planet. It was she who brought IT glory to the world and a huge amount of money.

Since then it has been a long time ago, for which the & google search giant & # 39; his sphere of influence tried to expand. Many projects have been launched and implemented for this purpose, but many of them have simply failed and have not survived the competition.

One of the company's most promising projects, which she had hoped for very much, was the Google+ social network, which was launched many years ago. It had to bypass the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, but something like that did not happen.

Realizing that his idea failed, the research giant & # 39; little attention to this project and today, on August 25, 2018, he took an unexpected step.The largest community in the social network is Google France, which consists of approximately 470 thousand users. As it turned out, the & # 39; search giant & # 39; not made any publications from the beginning of this year.

Recently, August 23, 2018, the company announced the closure of this community.

Obviously, after such information users have to start signing off, but nothing like that has happened.Journalists commented that in two days after the announcement of the closure of the largest community on Google+, only 100 people were out of 470 thousand.

This suggests that the social network has not been interesting for users for a long time, because only a few people use it.

Even the American company, which acknowledged the failure of the company, decided to leave it. It is possible that the & # 39; research giant & # 39; announce the closure in the near future by offering alternatives, namely Facebook and Twitter.

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