Operating system Windows 95 converted into an application

Operating system Windows 95 converted into an applicationThe application works stably.

Since the release of Windows 95 almost a quarter of a century has passed and the operating system has been introduced on smartphones, smart watches, consoles and other devices. Now the creation of Microsoft has changed into a normal application, which weighs only 129 MB.

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When you run the program, a window opens with a Windows 95 interface and a fully-functional set of Microsoft applications, including Paint, Wordpad, Notepad and Calculator, as well as famous games such as Minesweeper and Klaska. Then it appears not to be used, so it is Internet Explorer, because the browser does not connect to the network.

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The application works stably and without any delay. At startup it takes about 200 MB of RAM, so there is no special load on the system. Moreover, the program is platform independent and runs on computers with Windows, macOS and Linux.

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