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An interesting version of the three-hour "end of the world" that took place on July 20 in the Even-Bytantaisky, Zhigansky and Verkhoyansky districts of Yakutia and continues to excite people was suggested in the article "The light on earth is deafening because of asteroids Nibiru – scientists "published by Sergei Solovyov In

Let us recall that that summer day in three northern ulus lights first appeared in dense-yellow darkness, then it became dark, like at night. People walked with lanterns, according to eyewitnesses there was a slight trouble. Then it started to dawn quickly, but the sun was not visible for a while.

As explained by the Minister of Nature Conservation of Yakutia Sakhamin Afanasyev, the cause of the "slight fallout" was the fine dust that was dispersed in the air, caused by wind, fog. Gismeteo said that the "eclipse" is nothing more than the result of numerous forest fires that flared up in the Republic itself and in the neighboring Irkutsk region. The locals themselves still seem to believe that these are all the tricks of the army, which allegedly have witnessed ultramodern weapons.

In any case, new explanations emerge that "stole the sun" in the north of Yakutia on July 20th. Our colleague Sergey Solovyov, referring to the statements of scientists, suggests that the light has obscured the asteroids around the planet Nibiru, which are inexorably approaching the earth.

The well-known American theoretical physicist Mitio Kaka, Solovyov, recently wrote that in the near future the planet can dive into darkness because of approaching Nibiru. The scientist noted that the planet X is between the sun and the earth, because of what it is impossible to see from the surface of the earth. The danger, according to Kak, is the gravity of Nibiru, whose mass is five times higher than the mass of Jupiter. For this reason, abnormal cataclysms have already occurred on Earth, which will increase as the planet comes closer. At the same time, the scientist believes that people simply can not live to approach Nibiru, because the asteroids around her can destroy all life on Earth long before it appears.

NASA would know the threat. According to Kak, it was estimated that 97% of all asteroids are larger than the one that has ever killed all dinosaurs. The head of NASA, Charles Boden, has, as the scientist claims, already made clear to the American authorities and advised them to pray & # 39 ;. However, even if they all burn in the atmosphere, mankind risks freezing because of a sharp drop in temperature. This may be due to the fact that approaching asteroids appear on the path of sunlight.

The earth is not already receiving the required amount of energy and the situation will only get worse in the future. An example of such processes can be called a situation that occurred recently in Yakutia. There, for a few hours, "the sun turned off" for no reason, Soloviev summarizes.

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