The first computer that Apple has offered for the auction

Now the beginning of the entire company's history will be in someone's hands

Part of the computer history that contributed to the launch of the company, which has a trillion dollar capital, has been auctioned. The fully operational Apple-1 auctioned by the Boston RR auction in September is one of approximately 60 original 200 computer models developed and built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 and 1977.

He was restored to his original state by Apple expert Corey Cohen. The system worked without error for about eight hours in the test. It even contains the original keyboard since the 1970s. This shows the modest beginning of Cupertino, California, Apple, which recently became the first public company in the world to be estimated at $ 1 trillion. Apple 1 originally sold for 666 dollars. For such a computer at an auction that costs $ 300,000, or more.

It is worth noting that now working computers with the assembly of those years have almost disappeared, so this copy is especially valuable to both Apple fans and the world. It is quite possible that Steve Wozniak worked for this computer, or someone of the legendary personalities who participated in the establishment of the entire company that determines the trends in the electronics market.

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