The new iPhone does not have a fingerprint scanner

The new iPhone does not have a fingerprint scanner, - the mediaApple will not implement the Touch ID in the new iPhone, which will release this and next year.

The well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo is confident that Apple will refuse the built-in Touch ID for the 2018-2019 phones.

As a security system, Apple only uses facial recognition technology, writes the online edition of Chronicle.Info with reference to the New Times.

One of the reasons why Apple can take such a step, is that the new generation of powerful OLED screens, such as those with the iPhone X, does not support touch support on the entire screen. Nevertheless, Android manufacturers are interested in technology, so it will develop.

Min-Chi Kuo believes that Fingerprint On Display or FOD technology will grow by 500% by 2019, as Android phones will use it actively, but Kuo says that Apple will not introduce Touch ID in the new iPhone coming and coming year.

Kuo claims that Apple's face detection technology as a biometric security solution is sufficient for the iPhone line. So, as a test bench for improving the technology built into the screen of the fingerprint scanner will serve as Android phones

It is only a forecast, although Kuo is recognized as one of Apple's best analysts. In particular, in 2014 he mentioned almost the entire list of new Apple products well before the official presentation.

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Even if this rumor is true, it does not mean that Apple will give up the Touch ID forever. The company can wait until the technology is sufficiently developed to introduce a touch-sensitive ID on the screen. Theoretically, this can mean that a sufficient number of users are ready to drop face recognition technology in favor of a fingerprint scanner.

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