The researchers proposed to transport the Earth in the Red Planet's orbit 1K

Due to the fact that solar activity is increasingly the cause of catastrophe on our planet, British scientists suggested removing the earth as far as possible from the sun. According to them, the orbit of Mars is a good place for the realization of such a mission. The Red Planet, however, will have to be inflated for this.

With the transfer of the planet, great changes will take place on the earth: the speed of gravitational waves will change, as will the movement and time of complete revolution around the sun. Moreover, this will entail the death of most living organisms. But scientists believe that the most hardy and strong survive, informs

If, however, everything remains as it is, then people, animals and other earthly creatures await an even sadder scenario of the development of events. According to researchers, the sun will expand slowly, as a result the temperature on earth will increase considerably and the oceans will evaporate.

But there is also an alternative option – instead of moving the planet, only to move, that is, to colonize Mars, and to adapt it to the needs of man.

The British astronaut Tim Peake has previously suggested that people can land on Mars in 20 years. The colonialists must, however, be resistant to radiation. Congenital biological protection can cause a change of genes. At the moment there are no people on the Red Planet, six marchers collect information about this, half of which belongs to the United States.

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