Xiaomi Mi Band 3 plummeted

Currently, users are available sports bracelets from many different manufacturers, but in most cases these are Chinese brands. At the beginning of June this year Chinese stores received the long-awaited novelty – the fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which costs 169 yuan in Chinese stores, which is only 1,690 rubles. This price makes this wrist unit incredibly attractive in the eyes of all buyers, but in Russia it is sold at a much higher price.

Currently, official sales outlets in Russia offer to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for a much higher price, namely – for 3,990 rubles. Of course we are talking about driving up price tags in no less than 2.5 times. Fortunately, there is a "gray" market in the country where different goods can be bought much cheaper than elsewhere. During the market research of AKKet.com it was possible to find out that this fitness tracker fell sharply in price.

Now, despite the very high dollar exchange rate, you can buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for 1,850 rubles. For this price this wristband is sold by dozens of stores, many of which can not only be bought, but also by extra red and navy blue straps. For such a modest amount the buyer receives a Chinese version of the fitness bracelet, but it is very easy to reflash to Russian firmware, but this requires an Android smartphone.

The new fitness tracker features a 0.78-inch OLED touch screen, a rechargeable battery, one charge of 2 to 3 weeks of use, water and dust protection according to IP68 and many software features. For example, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 counted the distance traveled and the number of steps taken, calculated calories from these data, followed physical activity during sport and much more.

To learn how to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in Russia for the lowest price, click here.

Until 16 September, all attendees have a unique opportunity to get a sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for free, in which they spend only 1 minute of their personal time.

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