"Alexandria" could take a tie in a match with FC "Lviv"

In the 7th round of ULV "Lviv" took home "Alexandria". Alexandrians in a bitter battle drew a draw in this game.

Lviv – Alexandria 2: 2

goals: Bruno, 8, Taylor, 21 – Grytsuk, 54, Sitalo, 83

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FC "Lviv" played quite unexpectedly in a draw with "Alexandria", that this season the UFC lost only one game and is one of the leaders of the rankings.

So, already in the 8th minute, "the city people" opened the account, when the Stair hit the crossbar, and Bruno the ball accurately in the goal Pankiva. With increasing advantage, "Lviv" did not hesitate and doubled the score on the 21st minute. Taylor with an excellent head stroke closed the feed from the right flank of Golikov.

In the second half, "Alexandria" showed some of the best football after achieving two of the four scoring opportunities. Grytsuk closed the room of Tsurikov and sent the ball under the crossbar – 2: 1. In the 83rd minute the guests equalized the score and placed the last point in the game: Sitalo, who arrived as a substitute in the first half, sent the ball to the gate of the Lvov with a tap from the bottom after a discount from Shastal.

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So, "Alexandria" played for the first time in a tie in the current draw of the ULP and retained the second position. "Lviv" with 6 points remains at the 9th position. But do not forget that the five Alexandrians are the "Dynamo" who have two games in reserve.

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