BATE missed a draw in the game with PSV –

Your attention is the result of the match of the 4th qualification round of the Champions League between BATE and PSV (2: 3).

BATE – PSV 2: 3
Goals: Tuominen, 9, Gleb, 88 – Pereiro, 35 (from the penalty spot), Lozano, 61, Malen, 89

BATEShcherbitsky, Milunovich, Filipenko, Filipovich, Rios, Yablonsky, Stasevich, Baga, Ivanich (Volodko, 81), Dragoon (Gleb, 65), Tuominen (Skavysh, 60).

PSV: Zut, Virgever, Tasende, Dumfries, Schwaab, Pereiro (Junior, 82), Hendricks, Lozano (Malen, 87), Rosario (Izima-Miren, 90), Bergwein, de Jong.

Edit alerts: de Jong, Filipenko, Stasevich, Rios, Lozano, Teza.

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