Fiorentina came in third, Milan defeated Sassuolo. Results of matches of the championship of Italy

In the 7th round of the Italian championship Milan defeated Sassuolo on the way with a score of 4: 1, and Fiorentina, as a result of the victory over Atalanta, was third in the standings.

Milan efforts Cassie, who accurately struck the line of stardom, opened the score in the first half. In the second half of the meeting, the benefit of the guests was doubled by Suso, who decided to save from afar. 60 minutes into the match, Castillejo, who was put down right in the corner of the goal, missed the team and scored the third goal of the guests. In the 68th minute, Sassuolo played one ball, but at the end of the game Suso designed a double and put the ball into the game.

Fiorentina was able to beat Atalanta thanks to goals Veretu and Biragi and reached third place in the championship. Aim Florentines Inter, which was stronger than Cagliari.

Remains the enchanting Polish striker Genua Krzysztof Pjontec, who took a double at the gate Frosinone and scored the eighth goal in the championship.

Sassuolo – Milan – 1: 4

goals: Djuricic, 68 – Cassie, 39, Suso, 50, 90 + 5, Castillejo, 60

Inter – Cagliari – 2: 0

Goals L. Martinez, 12 Politano, 89

Bologna – Udinese 2: 1

goals: Santander, 42, Orsolini, 82 – Puzetto, 32

Chievo – Torino – 0: 1

target: Dzadza 88

Fiorentina – Atalanta – 2: 0

goals: Veretu, 63, Biragi, 90 + 4

Frosinone – Genoa – 1: 2

goals: Chano, 41 (pen) – Pyontek, 33, 36

Parma – Empoli – 1: 0

target: Zhervino, 33

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In the 7th round of the Italian championship, Roma and Juventus scored the same victories with a score of 3: 1 in the matches against Lazio and Napoli respectively.


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