How much will MacGregor get for the fight with Nurmagomedov

October 5, 2018 03:40

Irish mixed-style hunter (MMA) Conor MacGregor can fight for the fight with the champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) in lightweight Russian-Russian Habib Nurmagomedov 100 million. This was announced on Thursday at the TMZ news portal by UFC president Dana White.

MacGregor handed over to the police after the bus accident

MacGregor, even before the fight with Floyd Mayweather, said he plans to get $ 100 million for him, and now White was asked if the Irish could rely on a comparable monetary reward. "Of course he can, pay attention to the PPV indicators of MacPreg (broadcast via pay-per-view – TASS) He is the owner of one of the largest PPV indicators of all time," said White. According to him, the Irishman has many chances to make money for a duel with a Russian more than for a fight with Mayweather.

Earlier Vesti reported that a judge was named for the fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov. Tickets for Konor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov are also the most expensive for the whole year.

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